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How to deal with PMS

Symptoms of PMSThis blog is dedicated to help the women dealing with PMS at an extreme level. It is never comfortable but some of us have more severe symptoms than others. Through this blog we want to uncover some remedies to help deal with these symptoms. We know there may not be a magic bullet to cure all your symptoms.But we think we can compile numerous resources for you to help alleviate some of your worst pain and nausea.


Common Symptoms:

• Mood Swings
• Anger
• Sadness
• Personality change
• oversensitivity
• Anxiousness and difficulty managing any kind of stress
• Night sweats
• Bloating of the face, abdomen and other areas of the body
• Abdominal Cramps
• Extremely heavy periods
• Breast tenderness
• Headaches
• Spots and or boils, food cravings, itching
• Flat, dull hair, skin and eyes – occurring on the lead up to your menstrual period and vanishing either when you start to bleed or soon after, chances are you have extreme PMS.

Follow along in the coming months to hear how you too can relieve some of the worst symptoms above.